Boxer (Boxer Short)

It’s a classic underwear style. Usually, the boxer fabric is pure cotton.
Boxer Brief

It required fabrics to be stretch. Cotton or modal combined with elastane are appropriate. And its cut is featured by a perfect fit. With Calvin Klein as the benchmark, the boxer brief is the modern classic.Men’s Underwear


The fabrics are stretch cotton or modal combined with elastane, similar to boxer briefs. In the UK, it’s called Y-fronts; in the US, it’s called tighty-whiteys (slang), jockey shorts, jockeys; in Australia, it’s called jocks (slang).
Trunks (also known as Hipster)

Trunks are short-leg boxer briefs, usually made by stretch cotton or modal.


Thong covers Tanga, G-string, and C-String. Its fabrics are often cotton with elastane added.

T-back Bikini

This type needs the least fabrics and accessories but it can be sold at a 3 times higher price than the normal types. So it’s a profitable product for you.

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