Ladies underwear has always been a very large market because the needs of a woman’s body for underwear are very rich and complex. While women need to feel comfortable and easy with their underwear, they often can’t give up the pursuit of looking good in it. We Beeten  believe that it is possible to provide ladies underwear which are both comfortable and beautiful.

  We generally produce the following types of ladies underwear: panties, tank tops, and home neak t-shirts. Under each category, we also have functional subdivisions, trying our best to ensure that women’s various needs for underwear are met.

Ladies panties

  The women’s underwear we produce can be divided into three categories: triangle women’s underwear, square women’s underwear and T-shaped women’s underwear. Each category of women’s underwear also has a distinction between high-waisted and low-waisted. No matter what type or style women are used to, they can find what they need here.

We also have a wide variety of designs in appearance, solid colours, floral, monogrammed, or decorated with bows and the lace…the list goes on.

Nowadays, more and more women are concerned about the relationship between panties and gynaecological health, so most of our products are made of cotton, and printing and dyeing techniques are used for safety and health.

china ladies underwear

Ladies tank tops

Ladies tank tops can be used either as an inner layer or just as outerwear, and wearing just a proper tank top is a popular choice for many women on a hot summer day – not only are they can make ladies feel cool, but if the tank tops are well made and cut, they can look great on ladies.

  We produce ladies tank tops with both thin and wide straps, both of which are made of safe materials and exquisite craftsmanship, perfect for both home and travelling. These are the two most basic types of tank tops that almost every woman buys in the summer.

  Tank tops are made of 100% cotton,too.They are breathable and absorbent, and easy to print and dye, making them a great choice for a basic ladies vests

Ladies home neak t-shirts

  Which lady doesn’t need a cotton home neak t-shirt on a hot summer day? We produce women’s home neak t-shirt that are loose, comfortable and made of good fabrics, so that you don’t have to choose what to wear on days when you don’t go out, and you don’t have to tie yourself down with other clothes, cotton home neak t-shirts can bring complete liberation and comfort to a woman’s home life.

  We offer round neak t-shirts as well as v-neak t-shirts in three colours, which is more than enough to satisfy the most basic needs of most ladies. Again, they are pure cotton.

Features of our ladies underwear

  All of our ladies underwear products are made of 100 per cent cotton, scientific research has shown that the best material for intimate apparel is cotton, they are safe and non-toxic, sweat-absorbent and breathable, do not harm the skin and have good anti-bacterial properties. Comfort is only the most basic requirement for ladies underwear, this group of beauty lovers also need visual pleasure. Our products are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and decorations, so that no matter what style women prefer, they can find the underwear of their choice.

Who are we, Beeten Garments from China?

  Beeten Garments,China is a professional ladies’ underwear manufacturer from China, with many years of production experience and absolutely standardised production workshops.We are a collection development, production, sales as one of garment manufacturing enterprises. Company’s main products as mens, womens and children’s underwear and underpants. We wholesale mens underpants & womens underwear as 100% export. As manufactuer, we mainly exported to southeast Asia, the United States, Europe, etc.

We are definitely a credible ladies underwear manufacturer from China, in the fierce market competition to get the customer recognized, is PIERRE CARDIN, PLAYBOY, BODY GLOVE and other international well-known brands designated production base. Now, BEETEN manufacturer has become many buyers supplier in China, such as DISNEY , KMART SEARS , METRO etc.

We look forward to your call and trust!

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