Many people will confront this question when in their daily life.But does it really uncomfortable to wear thong panties and thong briefs to new wearers?Except for gender difference, let’s review what the influencing factors.
Some may holds the positive attitude about it.What they think is once you get used to wearing them, you will find them really comfortable and wear them all the time.

One of thong panty lover from Australia has such description.

I am a straight male and been wearing thongs 24/7 since was in 15 years old.At first I tried many types and some I couldn’t wear all day.’In the whole expression, it’s very important to find the right type for your body.Once you find the right types, you even don’t notice your wearing a thong.It’s highly recommended to keep trying different types and materials .

While some will complant some drawbacks when wearing thongs.The common question causing uncomfortable were too small overall, the center strap was too short, or the fabric was rough and irritated the skin.Watch out when shopping!

How to get used to Ladies Underwear  them?The most important is getting the right fabric and reasonable size.Different from boxer briefs, thing’s suitable size means a size larger than usual.That’s to say the thin bit of fabric doesn’t rise up your crack too tightly.

Some softer fabrics seem like a good choice, like bamboo cotton, polylycra, polyamide, modal/lycra blend.If you get those things right, it can be sure that thongs are the most comfortable underwear and other types like briefs and boxer briefs feel uncomfortable and restrictive in comparison.

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