There are so many trousers in China ladies underwear that you can’t do it. The following is a summary:

  • Low-waisted underwear can be worn with low-waisted pants and skirts to avoid bending down or sitting down to leak out of underwear.
  • Traditional underwear: generally is the middle waist, it is the most suitable for the design of the human body curve, can wrap the whole private and buttocks.
  • High waist underwear: generally high above the navel, with warm effect, comfort is also very high.
  • Flat-angle underwear, is quadrangle shape, can wrap the whole private part and buttocks, wear comfortable not easy to walk away.
  • Bikini, similar to low-waisted underwear, but lower in the waist, basically just wrapped in the crotch.

How to choose the underwear that suits you?

  1. The Choice of comfort in underwear

First of all, comfort, as far as possible to choose loose and comfortable underwear, must not choose too tight underwear. It will bring a sense of pressure. And frequent friction in the private system is more prone to urinary and reproductive system infection.

  1. Choice of underwear fabric

Be sure to choose good breathability and good hygroscopicity of the cloth. Women’s private parts are easy to wet, poor breathability of the cloth is not conducive to women’s physical health.

It is best to buy light-colored underwear, dark interior is not conducive to our observation of the situation of leukorrhea. Many times when our body problems. Especially when some gynecological diseases, leukorrhea is an important signal. So wearing light-colored underwear is more likely to find abnormal conditions.

  1. Underwear should be changed every day

Women’s underwear has a large number of secretions every day. So it is easier to breed bacteria, so underwear should be replaced every day. When you find that your underwear is deformed, breathable, and even yellow inside your crotch, you should change it.

A little knowledge of underwear:

  1. Underwear needs to be changed every day, and microbiological experts have shown that underwear produces 0.1 grams of feces every day, and the bacteria on the underwear are particularly powerful.
  2. Wash underwear with warm water, boiled underwear will only make protein into deformed protein, as long as it is changed daily, and in a ventilated and direct sun environment to dry, its cleanliness has been able to meet the basic health needs of healthy groups.
  3. Try to wash your underwear by hand! Don’t let underwear wash with other clothes.
  4. You can also choose underwear special cleaning agent, but to choose the appropriate PH cleaning agent, because the most suitable environment is weak acid.
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