According to the shape of the ladies underwear can be divided into six styles

  • Traceless underwear: This style of underwear adopts tight traceless design, very suitable for matching tights.
  • Magic underwear: This underwear in the cup inside the water bag, cotton pad, etc., can effectively increase blood circulation to promote chest development.
  • Front buckle underwear: This style of underwear hook is placed in the center position, that is, the middle point of the two cups, its height directly affects the upper body effect. The underwear is easy to wear and has a concentrated effect.
  • Long bundle underwear: This style of underwear can be said to be the standard underwear, it can adjust the abdomen, waist fat, curve, suitable for evening dress.
  • Casual underwear: This kind of underwear is mostly made of cotton and is very comfortable to wear. It is perfect for everyday clothes and home casual wear.
  • Wipe the chest underwear: wipe the chest is very sexy and elegant underwear style, it can not only show the perfect shoulder and back lines, but also the perfect show of sexy taste elegant, but also improve the waist line, so that the figure ratio is divided into 3:7 golden ratio.

Preservation and maintenance

Underwear is the closest to the body of clothing, the first to pay attention to clean. Dirt not only means unclean, but also affects the fabric ventilation, moisture absorption and softness, thus causing damage to the fabric.

When buying, if there is a favorite underwear to buy a little more, alternate use, each underwear life can be longer. High-end or expensive products are sometimes just beautiful rather than durable, careful care can maintain its advantages.

The material of underwear is soft and slim, wear and take off can not be too hard, but also pay attention to nail can not hook scraping fiber. When wearing and taking off underwear, we should pay attention not to stick foundation and lipstick on underwear.

For long-term storage, you can carefully fold them one by one, or fold cup to cup, as long as you don’t break the original shape. The thickest lining is placed on top and folded down in order to prevent the deformation of the thick lining underwear due to the weight, while the thin lining underwear has no deformation concerns.

When storing underwear, it is recommended to store it separately from other clothes, and don’t forget to put in dehumidifier or some desiccant. In addition, here is a little prescription: put a few drops of perfume on a small piece of cloth, or put the leftover perfume bottle in the cupboard, can not only repel insects, but also can fill clothes with a faint perfume smell.

The secret: To keep a delicate bra in beautiful shape, try not to wash it in the washing machine. Wash with cold water and a mild detergent, or by hand.

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