When children get older and older, their bodies are constantly growing, and parents don’t know how to choose children’s underwear.Here is how to choose a suitable underwear for their children:


Children’s skin is very delicate, and very sensitive, so the texture of underwear is very important, generally preferred cotton, because this texture of underwear feel good, air permeability, comfort is also very good, more in line with the needs of children’s skin. Of course, now there are many big brands have developed many new fabrics, such as plant dyeing fabrics and milk fabrics, which are extracted natural ingredients and added to the fabric, relatively skin-friendly and comfortable, suitable for babies to wear.

2.Do manual work

Children’s underwear is more exquisite, fine workmanship clothes will be particularly careful in the tailoring design, pay more attention to the characteristics of the child’s body, wear on the body more comfortable.


Dyes also have a PH value, generally alkaline, if it is for children to choose, it is best to choose white or close to the skin color of light, this color of clothing with the PH value of the human skin closer, can play a role in protecting the skin, prevent bacterial invasion. If the pH value is high, it is easy to cause children itching skin.

4.Degree of tightness

The tight waist on the waist pants will affect the normal breathing of the child, which will lead to a series of health risks, and may even cause the child’s chest rib valgus deformity.

5.Children’s clothes are best washed by hand

They should be made with natural soap or children’s laundry detergent. Because laundry detergent contains chemicals, if you use the washing machine to clean it, there is a high chance that there will be laundry detergent residue and damage the child’s skin.

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