There is more concern about men’s quality of life these days than ever before. For men’s underwear, the underwear on the market basically realizes the pomp of all kinds of products. But in fact, the most important thing to choose underwear is the material, followed by the style, and finally the brand.


Cotton is not necessarily the best. The problem with pure cotton is:

  • Poor elasticity, close-fitting underwear, wash for a long time easy to hard, affecting comfort.
  • Moisture absorption is better but sweating is not easy to dry, especially in summer.

Preferred Recommendations:

Modal material

  1. Modal (natural) doesn’t get harder and harder as cotton.
  2. It is easy to deform after washing and pulling, and for underwear, slight deformation has no great effect on close-fitting wear.


Model out in addition to workmanship problems, choose their own suitable can be.
Some underwear, especially underwear, are very complicated, and the biggest problem is affecting the comfort of wearing. Complex lines, or poorly made underwear, it is recommended to choose carefully, comfort will be greatly reduced.

Preferred Recommendations:

  1. Briefs
    Briefs are suitable for fitness sports wear, and thighs are relatively thick men’s choice, when buying it, it is recommended to buy a larger size, improve the extension of underwear.
  2. Boxer underwear
    Boxer briefs are now recognized by more men. The main reasons are:
    More relaxed and there is less pressure between your legs when you walk.
    The problem of large area is relatively poor heat dissipation and moisture removal effect.

With the above recommendation, in fact, as long as the material is safe, the style is simple, and it can be easily selected within a reasonable price range. Try to avoid low-priced cotton underwear on the market. And the effect of loose shape and weak dehumidification on comfort is still critical.

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