1. Underwear must be hand-washed.
    Underwear is generally relatively small. In order to increase the friction density, it is recommended to pinch tightly with your thumb and index finger, and rub it tightly, so that it can be washed clean and thoroughly;
  2. Underwear should be changed every day, washed every day, and washed in time.
    Do not let the Ladies Underwear overnight, otherwise it will easily breed bacteria and increase the difficulty of cleaning.

3.The lotion must be soapy water, the utensils should be special, and the water should be cold water.

  1. Wash the underwear, avoid direct exposure to the sun.
    It should be dried in a cool place, and then placed in the sun to disinfect. Otherwise, the underwear is easy to become hard and deformed.
  2. The final procedure: dry underwear, do not put it in the closet.
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