Traditional Panties

The most common style of ladies’ underwear on the market is elastic triangular underwear, which is also easier for all women to accept.

  • Low waist: the height is lower than the belly button 8cm, called low waist. Narrow waistband width, or designed as a belt, this style of underwear is suitable for matching low-waisted trousers, low-waisted skirts to wear.
  • Middle waist: height in the navel below the 8cm, commonly known as the middle waist, is generally the most common specification and style, wearing just exposed to the navel, feel more binding, exercise is very suitable to wear when the amount of exercise is suitable for all the styles.
  • High waist: if the height is on the navel or above, it calls high waist. The design of high waist is more comfortable, and the maintenance of buttocks is also better.
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Thong Pants

T-back also names T-pants, G-string pants. It’s a smaller range of panties. Named after the word “Ding”, the world’s first pair of trousers was born in 1979 to cater to the trend of miniskirts and trumpets at that time. The predecessor of the trousers is sexy and close-fitting bikini underwear, because of the prevalence of light and close clothes on the stage. By removing a large area of material, wearing it will make your buttocks more sexy.

Because of the small coverage of T-pants, there is only one rope thick cloth belt in the perineum. Because of the strong local pressure of the cloth belt and continuous friction with the skin, it is easy to make the local skin damaged and infected. Therefore, in the beautiful and sexy at the same time, we should know how to use reasonably.

Scratch-free Underwear

Unmarked underwear makes of new special underwear equipment. The production technology of unmarked underwear comes from sportswear, high-tech sports training clothing and other high-tech, underwear waist, buttocks and other parts of the seamless molding technology. Scratch-free underwear is comfortable and stylish, wearing unmarked underwear will not leave a trace, especially suitable for summer wear.

The fat of the buttocks is not restrained, after a long time after the fat accumulates the thigh root, the buttocks droop no shape, the most direct is to wear the unmarked underwear after wearing the breech skirt and the tight trousers and so on will not reveal the underwear edge mark, will not be embarrassed.

Adjusting Underwear

The birth of adjustment underwear is the product of the trend, with the improvement of living conditions, women have more and more pursuit of slender and graceful figure, so the adjustment of underwear emerges as the times require. Used to raise buttocks, at the same time can inhibit abdominal protruding, long adjustment underwear can also tighten thigh fat, modify buttocks and thigh curves. Because the adjustment underwear is generally high waist design, it causes certain pressure to the stomach, reduces appetite, reduces the intake of food.

Physiological Underwear

Physiological underwear, also known as menstrual underwear. Refers to the extension from the crotch of underwear to the back waist of the loose belt, reduce the slip of tampons, not only to keep breathable, to the greatest extent to maintain the hygiene of menstrual underwear, to avoid sultry causing harm to the skin, menstrual underwear special design can also make sanitary napkins maintain the best degree of fit, give special care to women in special periods, so that women’s menstrual life is more relaxed, more convenient and healthier.

Pregnant Underwear

When a woman is pregnant, the abdomen and buttocks will gradually become larger, the general underwear is unable to give pregnant women very well to wear and protect the secret parts. Pregnant women’s underwear designes has for pregnant women to increase the package area, avoid the appearance of strangulation marks, give your baby enough room to grow up, but also protect their waist and abdomen, but also be alert to the unfavorable factors that may threaten the growth and development of the fetus at any time.

Sexy Lingerie

Love underwear, like love dress, highlight “interest”, sexy as the center, different from the conventional home underwear, in the underwear design or auxiliary with a variety of characteristic patterns, or use hollowed-out design, or match a variety of metal ornaments, the structure is simple, easy to use, but also can improve the relationship between husband and wife or couples.

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C Underwear

C-character pants (C-string) is a kind of invisible underwear, C-character pants are actually T-pants reformist, and come to save cloth, even the waist part is saved, directly like a C-shaped thing stuck below to protect the private part, so it is called C-shaped pants. It is one of the latest lingerie, this kind of underwear does not have T-pants around the waist belt, there is elastic C plastic card fixed in the human body.

Bikini Underwear

Generally used when women swim (belong to swimsuit), beautiful women in bikini must be more sexy, highlight their good figure. As a symbol of freedom and liberation of human nature, it is a symbol of modernist culture in the 20th century, and was quickly accepted by postmodern society and became a fashion symbol to express all kinds of ideas of postmodern culture.

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