There are many kinds of materials of underwear, common are:

  1. Cotton: cotton underwear soft and comfortable, good air permeability, strong sweat absorption ability, no stimulation to the skin, not easy color fading. But cotton underwear has a certain shrinkage rate, should pay attention to shrinkage and deformation.
  2. Artificial fiber: such as polyester, nylon, has excellent antistatic property, easy to dry, not easy to wrinkle, not afraid of water, light. However, the air permeability is poor, does not have the moisture absorption and air permeability of natural cotton underwear.
  3. Lace: Lace panties are breathable and light, suitable for summer wear. However, its anti-tension is poor, easy to deformation, special attention needs to be paid to washing.
  4. Polyester: Polyester underwear is not easy to pilling, not easy to show deformation, need to be ironed to restore the model, with smooth surface feel. 5. Improved fiber: Improved fiber

Pure cotton: cotton fabric safety, comfort and air permeability are very good, compared with regenerative or synthetic fibers, pure cotton fabric is not allergic, and skin friendly feeling is very good.

Modal: Modal is a natural cellulose, extracted from beech, characterized by soft, smooth and delicate, feel very good.

Bamboo fiber: Bamboo fiber mainly refers to the bamboo fiber extracted from bamboo in a physical way. It has the natural characteristics of bamboo — antibacterial, deodorizing and hygroscopic.

Ice silk: ice silk is a kind of artificial fiber, also known as rayon, viscose fiber (viscose fiber), its moisture content is closest to the skin needs, and is not easy to electrostatic, good air permeability.

Silk: silk fabric generally refers to silk, feel smooth, good elasticity, the overall comfort is high, and moisture absorption, air permeability is also good.

Purchasing tips:

style: the legs are too thick or too thin people should not wear boxers; For those with very thick legs, you can choose full-height shorts, or hemmed half-height shorts.

Fabric: underwear fabric elasticity is better, sweat absorption, breathable function is good, front file cutting three-dimensional.

buy: don’t be shy, ask shop assistants more; Pay attention to check, such as the key parts of the car line is smooth.

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