Underwear can be divided into different classes by 3 degrees, which are comfort, technology, fashion. Many underwear brands rarely meet the 3 requirements at the same time.

Returning to girl underwear option, it can be chose from two aspects of fabric and structure.It’s no doubt pure cotton is more comfortable.Trace-less fabrics are also a good choice.As for underwear structure, it’s not been recommended to choose too strong functional style.It’s commonly seen 4 row buckle above, wide side ratio,wide next pick up when you open shopping website.And it results in some chaos of the content by domestic marketing environment.It’s not necessarily a good thing for women in sake of health.
It always needs to try underwear on when you decided to buy.Not be too tight.The most important thing is to feel comfortable.
If it’s in terms of comfort and health, please attention four points.
First,be sure to determine your cup size.Second,be clear of your bosom condition, adding half or a cup appropriately according to specific condition.Third, choose the right cup for you.Last,wearing your underwear in the right way.Otherwise, it won’t work well even though you choose the right one.

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